Marissa's Solar Bike Adventure

One woman rides a solar charged electric bicycle across america to get well and do well. Marissa Muller Ignites a Wellness Revolution from California to Washington D.C.

Adventurer and sustainability advocate, Marissa Muller, sets off on a cross-country tour, riding a solar charged electric bicycle from Ventura, CA, to Washington D.C. The purpose of the ride is to ignite a wellness revolution across America. Along the 3,000+ mile trek, Muller will meet with businesses and communities to discuss, discover and take action on improving physical, mental, social and environmental well being.

She has paired an electric bicycle and a solar panel to demonstrate clean, modern power. The Specialized Turbo S electric bike has been re-engineered to rely on solar energy to charge the battery, which powers the electric assist motor, giving the bicycle the extra boost of power and speed. As Muller rides, the battery will be charged by a lightweight SunPower solar panel, designed with the same high efficiency solar technology used to generate clean power for homes, businesses and utilities around the world. 

“For the past five years I’ve been dreaming about touring coast-to-coast on an electric bike and powering it solely on renewable energy,” said Muller. “I can’t wait to live out this dream, get active, spark a dialogue with citizens and discuss ways to improve our personal and community wellness.”

Muller will fold her discoveries into a study and present it in D.C. once she arrives.
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“It’s the ultimate demonstration of freedom – a clean, electric vehicle, powered by decentralized energy, and an open road of opportunity,” added Muller. 

Special thanks to her title partners Specialized, SunPower and Derive Systems as well as Genasun, Thinklux, FruitGuys, WasteConvert, Plus 3 Network, SPOT, Fitbit, Optrix by Body Glove, Recon Instruments, Juice Plus, Levis, Neutrogena, and the Axel Project.