“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.”
– Anonymous

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For the past FIVE years, my mind has wandered to this cross-country adventure.

It has been a steady daydream, pulsating stronger when I’ve felt off balance personally or professionally, but always present and top of mind.

Why didn’t I do it five years ago? Courage. I didn’t have the courage to let myself break free and take the risk. I felt I didn’t have the right contacts. I wasn’t in a financial position to take time off. I felt handcuffed by societal constraints. I’m a 34 year old, single female. I was trapped by this constant whisper and pressure to advance my career, throw down some roots, find a man, marry, have children and live happily ever after. Well after five years of trying to play out this fairytale, I realized I had given up a bit of myself. I was quiet. I was passively waiting for these expectations to take hold.

It was a night in Idaho that my courage arrived. It arrived like a blizzard, engulfing me and placing me in the eye of the storm. A storm that turned this dream upside down and lifted it off into reality. 

And here I am.
34 years old.
And Single.
It all feels so right.

Why Wellness?

You may wonder why I’m promoting wellness?
What have I done to gain knowledge and experience on this subject? Here is a snippet...

Worked the past year with Derive Systems, fine tuning the engine software of a vehicle for improved fuel economy (up to 12% savings) and performance.

Spent four years running marketing and simplifying the solar process, making it easier for businesses and the public sector to go solar.


Two years at business school in Barcelona, Spain focusing on renewable energy and winner of the London Business School Green Tech Challenge

Four years at CNN as an editor and producer. While on a fellowship with Reuters TV in Berlin, I got exposed to solar energy.
I drank the kool-aid.