“Vision without execution is hallucination”
– Thomas Edison

Together, we’ll come up with a plan to make every day a little healthier for our communities and our planet. 


To Get Well and Do Well. My goal is to ignite a wellness revolution across America and the first revolution starts within me. Over traveled for work, I had lost touch with my personal health and fitness. The effects were felt not only by getting physically soft but also losing mental and emotional strength. I was off balance. This adventure will not only re-balance my personal wellness but also provide an opportunity to go social and engage businesses and the public sector across the country. I want to listen, learn and together come up with a plan to make every day a little healthier for our communities and our planet.


Successfully travel 3,000+ miles on my solar bike, visit 10 states, hold 20 public or private meetings, engage locals and take action on improving physical, mental, social and enviornmental well-being. 

Time to spin a different story.
A healthy way forward.