"Alive is being in motion, outdoors, with the wind in your face and the sun warming your back."

Bike Build

With the help of Kat and Kingsley from SunPower and my Chief Technology Officer, Dad, we successfully re-engineered the Specialized Turbo S e-bike to be charged by the sun.

The Bike

  • Specialized Turbo S e-bike
  • Pedal-assist
  • 250-Watt Motor
  • 36V battery
  • Regenerative breaking
  • Top of the line components
  • Body geometry fit to me
  • Weight = 50lbs

Solar Power

  • 240-Watt
  • High efficiency SunPower cells
  • Lightweight at 10lbs (including frame)
  • 2 Genasun MPPT solar charge controllers
  • Panel could charge 40 iphones

The Rest

  • Burley Nomad trailer
  • SPOT Gen3 satellite safety device
  • Optrix CycleX bundle & selfie stick
  • Recon Jet Sunglasses
  • Fitbit Surge
  • 3 Specialized cycling outfits
  • 1 pair of Levis Commuter Jeans, shirt & jacket
  • Lululemon pants and shirt
  • Neutrogena face and body sunscreen
  • Fruit and veggie nutrition from Juice Plus+
  • 1 Ukulele
  • Lots of spare tubes and tools
  • Weight = 50lbs