They say we are roughly 60 percent water. SO HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR INTERNAL h20 bALANCED AND AT THE RIGHT TEMP?

I’ve discovered a special thermometer that reads my two Hydrogen’s (Health and Happiness) and my Oxygen (Opportunities). When I feel physically and mentally on fire, and I’m a pushing the edge, fearlessly seizing opportunities, I know my H20 is flowing harmoniously through my body.

But what happens when your H20 is off balance?

Well let me tell you first hand. For the past six plus months I’ve felt my H2O get colder than usual and become stagnant.

I started asking myself questions as to how and why my temperature dropped. I discovered something I like to call WUT Now. It is a quick Wellness Uniqueness Timing (WUT) check.


How is my overall wellness? Am I eating well and exercising? I realized the answer was a unanimous “no.” I was traveling far too much and making poor choices.  I couldn’t find the motivation to go to the hotel gym or the discipline to pass on the hotel breakfast buffet. (I tip my hat to all the consultants out there – you are my hero’s for managing this!). I was becoming soft and lazy. My willpower was weakening, my mental and physical strength vanished, my happiness was strained and bad habits had formed.


Am I capitalizing on my unique skills? We all have our advantages; certain skills that help us stand out and succeed. For some it’s numbers, others it is an analytical mind, or a musical ear, patience or perhaps great people skills. It is something that you do well, damn well actually. The thing that people always compliment you on. You know it. For me, it is my energy and optimism. So I asked myself, was I capitalizing on this? Yet again, “no.” By parachuting into an office for a few days, I was not able to build those coworker relationships and infuse the office with good energy.


Final question, what was my timing like? How much flexibility did I have to take risks? The answer here was that I was incredibly flexible. Actually, timing could not have been better. I am single. I have no kids. I’m financially sound. I don’t have a mortgage. In fact, everything I have is in a 500 square foot studio in San Francisco with my most valuable asset being my car, followed by a road bike. While many may think, what? 34 and that is where you are in life. Yep, this is where I am. At times I feel like I missed the boat but then at other times I feel so incredibly light.

WUT Now?

I discovered that my overall wellness and uniqueness was at an all time low, and that I was not capitalizing on my flexibility. So I asked the final question - WUT Now?

It was clear. Why not? Cease the moment. Finally take action on this dream. Bike across the country on my fantasy sun bike. And Get well. Do well.